The Grinter Sunflower Farms.


These past few months my everyday life has had many different bumps and turns. First my employment was ending December 31, 2016. That was scary for me. I like knowing that I have a job to go to each day. The change is something I can accept and deal with, but going out and finding new employment is out of my comfort zone. Each job I have had, my length of stay is 10 plus years. A little rusty in the interview process!

Good News- I found a position that I am very pleased with. Along with the new employment, my husband and I bought a new to us home. We will be making the move this upcoming month. Picking out paint, carpet and packing 25 years of stuff is rather daunting. BUT- I am so excited! Even though so many changes are going on they are not stopping me from taking my pictures.

The most recent session was with a very lovely young lady. We spent an evening at Grinter Farms with ever so many sunflowers; our state flower.

More information can be found on theKansas Travel website.

An amazing view.

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I’ll Take That One- rather my daughter did.

So many times we look for the perfect picture- smiling, looking at the camera, body positioned perfect, everything juuuuust right. This however, is not always the best picture. The purpose of a picture is to remember a certain point in time- maybe your wedding, or you graduating, a certain point in your family’s journey, or a special vacation. Sometimes, a photograph that captures that specific point in time perfectly is one that is off-center, or one that you are looking away and laughing. These pictures can be perfect without being posed! The most important aspect sometimes is the memory, and the feeling that one picture can bring with it.

As I am packing, getting ready for our move I ran across this image tucked in a drawer. I do not have the original file and as you can tell, there was dust on the picture. Quickly brushed off as much dust as I could and scanned into the computer. Did a small amount of fix up to the image. Erika was on her senior class spring break trip. It was during this trip she took this image- a selfie. One of my absolute favorites of her. This image to me resembles the strong beautiful person she is today. I firmly believe this was at the point my daughter was comfortable with “not being part of the group”.

Do you have one of these images that is amoung your favorites?

Best Wishes,

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