Best burger this side of the kaw!

Hi there! The first time I drove past this little pop diner I laughed. Never giving a thought of trying it out. Well it was Kevin who took me there one Saturday for lunch.

It was on a day we were working on the house and Kevin said he’d take me out for lunch. It was 10:45 am when we left the house- thinking we were going to KC for our lunch. It’s about a 6 minute drive to Tonganoxie. He whipped into the parking lot for Grandpa’s Burger Box. I laughed and laughed (anyone who knows my belly laugh insert it here now….). Kevin said he wanted to get our order in now before it gets busy. This place is small. Outside of the cashier and cook, we were the only ones there.

You have seen the wooden storage sheds people have in their backyards right? Well Grandpa’s Burger Box is two of these placed side by side. Painted and renovated for making hamburgers and fries!

grandpa burger box 2

Okay when you walk through that door, this is the lobby area. Again small. But lots of fun things to see while you wait for your food. Just around the corner from the door is the window where you place your order. The cashier takes your order and rings it up. Then it is cooked to order while you wait. There is a bench to sit on, but I was busy looking at the walls.

burger box map

For such a tiny place, the pins show a large number of people who have sought out a delicious burger!

burger box menu

Keep in mind we got there at 10:45 am. Once we placed our order within 15 minutes, there were several people who came to pick up there call in order and there was a line beginning to form by 11 am. It’s a hoppin little place!

When our order was ready and we took it back home. There are several picnic tables outside that are clean to sit and eat. As I said it’s about a 6 minute drive back to the house. Once there I took my burger and fries and laid them on a plate. Steam was rolling up from the french fries they were that hot. Just the way I like them!

burger box burger

If you are ever near KC, I highly recommend that you drive a mere 30 miles (from Legends) west for the best burger this side of the Kaw!

Best Wishes,

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meet merle

Hi, after moving into our home my husband was ready to add to the family. Meet Merle!

Merle is a beautiful Blue Heeler. By far Merle is my favorite pet ever in my adult life. We have had many dogs over our married life- Kevin is a hunter; hunting dogs and yard dogs. It’s Merle who has captured a huge part of my heart. He’s supposed to be a yard dog. He joined our family when he was just 6 weeks old. He’s now 8 months old. His job is to assist my husband with the cattle. So eventually Merle will be assigned to the great outdoors- our 80 acre backyard.

This morning during our walk down to the pond, Merle was running circles around me. The above top image you will see him jumping over the cattle grid effortlessly. The pond is sectioned off to keep the cattle away from the cabin and pond deck.

merle pond

In the next coming weeks, Kevin will be training Merle to herd the cattle. He will be helping Kevin a lot, those bulls are quite big (1,000 lbs) and mean at times. Cows are not light weight either!

Take care.

Best Wishes,

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  • HI Merle! Oh you have the best backyard! I bet Merle is going to just love that yard and with that face I can see why he has captured your heart!ReplyCancel

cabinet shelf lining

Hi! While I’ve been silent (no internet and moving) I have been busy. Moving 25+ years of stuff takes time. Luckily Kevin and I can take our time in doing so. Getting the kitchen started was on my list of first. After wiping down the cabinets and counter tops with hot soapy water I removed the old cabinet shelf liners.

This was an experience in itself. I’m a Wal-Mart girl, a one stop shop for me. Bought my supplies and home I went. It’s been years since I put cabinet liner down. Last time I bought the cheap vinyl flooring and cut to shelf size. Real easy for cleaning, however- the edges curled up over time. This time round I bought the EasyLiner brand shelf liner shown above.

After messing up several pieces, I finally figured out a much better way of measuring the size of the liner for the shelf. As simple as it sounds, I removed the shelf from the cabinet and laid it on the liner; drawing around the shelf.

cabinet lining

As shown below- the left image the shelf was placed to the edge of the liner rolled out with the bottom side of the liner facing upward. The middle image is where I drew my line marking the length of board on the liner. Placing newspaper under the cabinet liner kept any marker ink off the counter top. And the right image the shelf was removed from the roll of shelf liner. Notice how the lines on the shelf paper are not straight? Prior to using this method, I was using the lines as my guide. I wasted several pieces of liner until using this adapted method.

trio cabinet lining

The liner fits beautifully in the cabinets!

cabinet shelf lining 2

Not sure how long the liner will last. Have you used this type of cabinet shelf liner? How often have you had to change it out?

Until next time- take care!

Best Wishes,

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  • Glad you got all moved in. 25 years of stuff isn’t easy. We’ve been in our home for 12 years and I can’t imagine trying to pack it up! But it is nice to have fresh shelf lining and everything in its place! Enjoy.ReplyCancel



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