4th of July

4th of July

I absolutely enjoyed my 4th of July this year! This was the first time in quite awhile that my parents, me and my husband; my daughter and her little family and my son were together. Truly a wonderful day!

Erika and Shaune were at the folks house early. I arrived at noon, just in time for lunch; sandwiches and chips. After lunch Briella took a short nap. During her nap Erika gave Buckshot a bath in the front yard. He needed it! Erika had an afternoon of fun games planned for Briella in the front yard. She set up the sprinkler, had sidewalk chalk and bubbles. The neighbor kids were outside and they were invited to join in on the games.

It was fun watching them run through the sprinkler playing Red Rover, Red Rover. The neighbor kids have a trampoline. When they were finished with the water games, they all headed to the trampoline. Erika jumped a couple of times. Briella really bounced- Erika thought best if she refrained from jumping- LOL!

The dog got washed. We played in the water. Had a cookout. Even ate outside- picnic style. And homemade ice cream was for dessert. It was while we were eating we all mentioned we never brought fireworks. Oh well, we still had a fun time together. Looking forward to next year!

The meaning of 4th of July.

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