A Country Style Wedding

Hi, I had the great pleasure of photographing Chris & Randi’s wedding this month.


What a wonderful wedding it was! When working with groups of people- I, as the photographer, try to have control of the situation. Well that’s much easier said then done….at least when working with children, two year old children!. This shot is of the groom’s family.


Notice that the groom is sitting in front. That was NOT how the picture was planned. The groom was standing next to his bride with the ring bearer standing in front, between the bride and groom. The ring bearer had different thoughts- LOL!

Next is one of the bridesmaids. These girls were a joy to work with!


My photography style is more of the traditional type. Old school thinking is the bride is the only one to wear white on the wedding day. This bride picked the same color of her dress for the bridesmaids skirts. A family member made the skirts. They are adorable once I got over the girls wearing the bride’s color!

Here are just a few more to share-
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