A Fan of Different Colors

My office was once my son’s bedroom. This room is not a large one; just 9′ by 12′ not including the closet. It’s rather quaint. Many times and hours I have spent here. It was just the other night I was lying in the middle of the floor waiting for an image gallery to upload to the server that I actually saw this view of the ceiling fan. And I wondered how many times my son as a child did the very same thing.

By the red paddle you will see the football hanging down from the fan. When Adam (my son) was using this room he was young and short. For him to be able to turn the paddles on and off, the chain length needed to be extended. He just thought this was cool having the football at the end of the chain! Memories now but each time I think of them it seem’s just like yesterday. How time passes. Yes, I have heard others say the very same. But- boy, how time fly’s is an under statement.

Be sure to grab your camera and take those photos of the everyday stuff. As time fly’s, it will be those small things that will be very precious memories in the years to come.

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