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Finally my ‎g’mas Equipment is complete. I have two different camera gear: the first is my ‎professional setup and the second is for my personal everyday use. When I purchased my personal use camera it came with a standard 18-35mm lens. I since added the 55-210mm lens, a 16mm lens, 50mm lens and the most recent the 30mm macro lens.

You may wonder why I think I need the the different lens.

This first image was taken with the 18-35mm set at 18 with an f-stop of 5.6.


18mm @ f5.6

The camera lens was approx. 5 inches from the candy arrangement. I tried to make the candy as large as I could- keeping it in focus. The next image was taken with the same lens but zoomed in to the 35mm @ f5.6. It was necessary to move the lens 7 inches from the Kiss.

35mm @ f5.6

35mm @ f5.6

Next I used the 50mm lens. For this image I had to take the lens out 12 inches from the Kiss.

50mm @ f5.6

50mm @ f5.6

The next two images were taken with the 30mm macro lens. The bottom image, the lens was within an inch of the Kiss label. I then backed it up just enough to capture the whole Kiss candy.

macro kiss

30mm Macro at f5.6

The images shown above are straight out of the camera (SOC). Camera setting ISO 1600 f5.6 Apeture Priority no flash.

Depending on the image you are wanting to photograph will determine the lens to use. My favorite lens is the 55-210mm lens for everyday outdoor photography. The lens I use the most is my 16mm and the 18-35mm, typically indoors.

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