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Meet Alicia
meet alicia

Meet Alicia

I have had the pleasure of meeting Alicia. She is the newest person in our office. What a fun young lady! Her favorite color is green. Running is a stress relief for Alicia and she enjoys it! So much so that she brings in a bag full of food she is eating throughout the day. That’s all the more reason I should keep up with my walking endeavors- so I can eat more, NOT! That will be another post- my walking exercise experiences 🙂

The Sony Nex 5N was the camera (my g’ma camera) I used to take the images. Please note: I was in g’ma mode and not paying alot of attention to my shadows. Looking at these images I should have turned Alicia so the shadows were not so heavy on her face, under the eyes or used the flash.

The picture grouping above shows the collage I made with Fotofusion V5. There is a comparison chart detailing the difference between the Enhanced and Extreme versions. This is the software I use for my photography business and personal images. The Extreme version is the one I use. So easy. Book design and holiday card design are just two items I use the software for.

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