Aunt Phyllis Visit to Kansas.

Aunt Phyllis Visits Kansas!
phyllis visit

Phyllis visits Kansas

Tuesday- June 18, 2013 was not a usual day……

Aunt Phyllis, Jeff and their RV came to Kansas- specifically my folks house. What fun we had! Phyllis and Jeff arrived in the afternoon. After my shift ended I drove straight to the house. Erika’s family joined us at 6 pm for dinner. Dad did his famous roast chicken (in cast iron skillets) on the grill. Mom made bean salad and potatoe casserole. Erika made her fabulous deviled eggs. The eggs were farm fresh from our chickens! This fall Erika will have her own farm fresh eggs. Dessert was strawberry short cake with homemade ice cream. Yum……

The above image is all of us sitting at the dinning room table. This was my first time meeting Jeff. He’s number one with me (ha Jeff!). After visiting late into the night I spent the night and left for work Wednesday morning.

Wednesday evening I again went to see Phyllis. We went to dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. The food was wonderful! What I thought was amusing, an outsider looking at us had to laugh at our table while we were reading the menu. Each of us were wearing spectacles! Yes, even I had to put on reading glasses.

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