Baby Shower!

My neice, Nicole, is having a baby! Her expected date is September 29, 2014 – A little girl. Mommy and daddy are waiting to pick a name after they see her. The baby shower was in August and I must say it was very cute. Nicole’s mother and mother-in-law did the decorations. Some of the ideas were from Pinterest.

baby shower decor

Baby Shower Decor Ideas from Pinterest.

Writing on the diapers was a great idea. Several ladies wrote some pretty fun words! The bottle idea was probably my most favorite decor. I filled my bottle up full and drank all of my lemonade.

four generations

Four Generations!

This image is amazing. Four generations here. Looking back, I wish we could have had Bryant in the picture too. The precious little baby will have a picture with both maternal and paternal grandmothers and three great grandmothers. Not too many of us can get an image as amazing as this!

Congratulations Bryant and Nicole!

The complete gallery is available to view and download here.

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