Happy Thoughts


Happy thoughts. The featured image is the ceiling fan in my son’s childhood bedroom. I remember the day we brought it home and Kevin installing the light/fan. Adam’s room was themed with primary colors, so the light was perfect. Adam and I would lay on the floor looking up at the ceiling and talk. Just talk about anything. Good memories. Where did the time go?

The above image is my office desk. I have my three happy thoughts marked. Whenever I need cheering up, I look at one or all and remember their story.

1. My grand daughter. She’s talking now and I love the way she calls me, g’ma!
2. My cup. My son made this and wanted me to have it. Wow, this made me cry. A good cry. He’s very good in art. When his symptoms became unmanageable, he stopped- had nothing to do with any sort of art project. This included his photography, Photoshop editing/design and drawing. For him to show interest in the local pottery craft store was a very important moment in both of our lives. Makes my heart warm each time I look and use this cup!
3. My Edward cup. My daughter read the Twilight book series well before me. When she would talk about vampires and werewolves, I rolled my eyes. When Twilight became available on video, she conned me in to watching it with her. I was hooked. Went out and bought the book and as each next book became available, I bought them. Went to the movies to see on big screen and bought each video. Yeah. My daughter gave me this cup (as a joke). So each time I see this cup, my heart warms. What she’s not aware of is how much the cup is used!

Here’s a better view of the cup my son made:


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