Beautiful Morning Moon

Beautiful Morning Moon

Beautiful Morning Moon

My morning began very early- 3:30 am. Car pooling is cost effective- however, it does have disadvantages and advantages. The not so good; having to extend the day to meet each person’s schedule. The good; seeing the day at different times than it would normally be seen. This image is the first decent moon image that I was able to capture on disk. On the drive into town, the clouds were floating across the sky. The moon shown brightly. Up high was the most beautiful cloud and moon I had ever seen in my life.

Once my car pool partner was dropped off at their work, I parked my car. Rolled down the window and propped my elbows on the door. No tripod with me. Settled my arms slightly apart, bracing my hands and holding my breath- I took multiple shots of the moon. Alternating between 800, 1000 and 1600 ASA with my f-stop at f5.6, in aperture priority mode I was able to get a couple nice images. A tripod will soon be added to my must take along camera bag.

I highly recommend picking a day to change up your daily routine. You never know what you will see and find!

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