Breakfast with the Girls

Breakfast with the Girls.
breakfast with the girls

Breakfast with the Girls!

Sunday morning my husband woke me up asking if I would like to have breakfast with him and the girls. Of course I asked, “What girls?” Again he asked the same question. It took me a bit to figure out he was speaking of the cows!

My date consisted of biscuits and gravy from the local BP and then to Casey’s for tea. According to Kevin BP has the better biscuits and gravy with Casey’s having the better tea. Then off to the pasture to see the girls!

A couple of the cows are rather tame. When parked, I got out and stood in front of the truck. One of the girls came right up to me. Kevin softly said don’t move. The cow licked my arm. It startled me and in turn spooked the cow. Off she ran. The tongue was rough like sandpaper.

Of course being in the cow pasture, one had to be careful where to step!

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