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Be My Valentine

Hi, I just felt like a kid once again. It’s been awhile (actually my first time) since I have made Valentine’s Day cards to pass out to my friendly co-workers. I am feeling happy! Do you remember back in grade school the fun and anticipation when you made your Valentine’s box? How much fun it…

I’m Feeling Festive!

Hi, I’m feeling festive this Valentine season! Valentine Festive Valentine’s is a week from today. It’s not too late to plan that little something. This little something can be as simple as sending a card or note. I have even made it simple for you! Send me your picture and I will email the customized…

Happy Valentines Day – Early!

Hi, this year has flown by so quick. I say this every year. Each year time seems to pass much faster. Just a quick note regarding “Valentines” in my title and in the text of my post. I purposely left the apostrophe out. Sounds silly, but for Google and SEO purposes this was intentional. Grandchildren…

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