Creating a Custom Photoshop Brush

Have you ever wanted to create your own Photoshop brush? I have many shapes that I like, but find it much easier to use the brush tool. I have converted some of my favorite shapes and even designed a few originals of my own. If you use particular word groupings, these can be made into a brush. Do you have a logo? It can be made into a brush. I have put together a tutorial for making these brushes.

brush tut 1

Brush Tutorial Page 1

brush tut 2

Brush Tutorial Page 2

brush tut 3

Brush Tutorial Page 3

brush tut 4

Brush Tutorial Page 4

brush tut 5

Brush Tutorial Page 5

Click File – New
Name your brush, set size 3X3 inch @ 150 dpi with a transparent background- Click ok.
Be sure your font/design color is black.
Create a new layer.
Create your design using as many new layers as necessary.
Merge all layers. Do NOT flatten the image!
Choose edit – define brush preset.
Name your new logo/design brush – click ok.
Click on the paintbrush tool on the left of screen.
Look in your brush pallete at the very bottom. You will see your new brush in the last position.
Be sure to save your brush!

Click to download a pdf version of the Photoshop Creating a Brush Tutorial.


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