Date with Grand Daughter!

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Date with grand daughter!

Hi, what a delight it was spending the day with my grand daughter. Last Saturday began at 6:30 am. That’s early for a weekend day for me! Jumped out of bed, took my shower, got dressed and off to see Brie I went. Mind, I never put on my makeup.

The collage above is a short story of our morning. Of course we needed a new selfie and I just loved how Brie was sitting with her cat, Boo at the door. My daughter has a membership with the local zoo. That was our adventure for the day.

After entering the zoo, there is this board scene with cut outs to stick your head through. I tried getting Brie to do this- no way. Couldn’t convince her. I’m not bashful here. There was a young family approaching the wall. The mother was arranging to take a picture of her two children and husband. I naturally offered to take the picture of all four of them. She was tickled and agreed to let me do so. Score!

Briella was intrigued. Once the family left, three collage aged girls stopped by and asked if I would take their picture. Certainly. Winner. Briella on her own went to the backside and stuck her head through. One of the collage girls offered to take our picture. I was happy! We were able to get two pictures of us- one was nice faces and the second was silly faces.

This zoo is large enough to feature elephants, hippos, bears, tropical birds and more- yet not so large to walk through all the exhibits. Just the right size for this grandma and grand daughter! We had a wonderful day together.

Wouldn’t you know- as I mentioned earlier, I walked out of the house with no make-up on. While at the zoo, I ran into several people I knew. Go figure. Away from the hometown and every time I turned around I was greeted by a neighbor or friend! Has something similar ever happened to you?

Best Wishes,

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