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Hi, I just LOVE photography! As previously stated, images here on gmasDiary are not fully edited. They will resemble the middle image above. Levels and color adjustments is just about all that I do to the pictures. The collage illustrates one image at the three editing stages used for my personal and professional pictures. My personal preference is never print the straight out of camera file.

Skin tone straight out of camera is never correct. By adjusting the color and exposure in Adobe Lightroom the image is much more appealing and flattering. The final editing in Photoshop of skin and eye enhancement is especially important for larger sized prints.

From straight out of camera to the final enhancement images takes less than 10 minutes to process. Using the correct camera settings saves tremendous amounts of time in post production of the image. Especially true if there are multiple images to edit!

If you would like information on how I edit my images, please contact me.

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