Ellen DeGeneres Visits KU

Hi, October and November are busy months- sorry for the delay in posts! This time of year is family portrait session with the beautiful autumn leaves. I took a much needed break. Did you hear…….

Ellen DeGeneres visits KU


What an unexpected fun experience! Working most of the weekend on gallery edits- I took a moment to troll my Facebook account. Yes I call it trolling to keep up with family and friends near and far. I stumbled onto the above notice of Ellen coming to KU- Kansas University. That’s only 20 minutes from my house. Ellen is one of my favorites to watch on TV. Off I went!

Many people with lots of energy and excitement. I just added the 200-500mm lens to my camera gear which provided a fun outing to test the lens. The Ellen DeGeneres event took place between the football stadium and the hill in front of the Campanile Memorial. Ellen was not physically at KU. Her camera crew set up the satellite stage for Ellen to video conference with the crowd on the KU campus. She asked that everyone dress up as a Royal Baseball player. Several did and others like me did not. I had fun people watching! The gallery is featured below.

Ellen Behind camera facing crowd Campanile Memorial Spectators Better to see Ellen! Royality KC loves Ellen Radio Stations Spectators The view Lots of spectators Growing croud Real pizza? Students Making crowns Family More students Picture Lots of pictures Passing by Ku Cheerleaders Pano Sunflower Stadium Royals fan Two guys Royal flush More students This guy works for Ellen This guy is training the finalist Rehearsing Still rehearsing Football stadium in background These kids were selected to actullay be on the show. One will get a really cool gift! Lovely Fun Ellen bleeds royal Crowd waving to Ellen Still waving jquery lightbox alternativeby VisualLightBox.com v6.1

This segment was taped live to be aired today- the first day of the World Series. Be sure to watch Ellen. I’m wearing a pink sweatshirt in the distant crowd to the right. I was told the camera could pano the whole audience.

Go Royals!

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