End of January | Project 52

Taking images for the 365 project is proving a bit more difficult than I imagined. Therefore I will change the project to 52. We will see if this challenge is more reasonable with my schedule.

Random images.

jan images

January Images

Avon’s moisture therapy works the best for my very dry hands this time of year. It’s in my bag at all times. For the black bag I found it at Michaels. Tried looking for it on their website, but to no avail couldn’t. Next to the scrapbooking machines, Michaels has a bag area. It was in this section it was kept.

One evening I had the pleasure of picking my grand daughter up from daycare. Until now it never occurred to me to take an image of the daycare provider. Not once when my children were growing up did I take a picture and there are no pictures of me with my provider. Well I made sure we got one of Brie with Judy! I do not know the other girl’s name- that will be up to my daughter to remember.

The other images at OReilly’s- it’s fun taking pictures. Even though people say, “I don’t take good images or I don’t look good” they enjoy seeing them. Not once when I have shown the images to the subjects have they not smiled. LaNae wanted to have the product in hand. I teased her about being on the OReilly’s Price is Right. Fun memories to have!

Now that I have my new g’ma car, I try to find ways to cut back not cut out. One of these cut backs is nail care. I would have acrylic nails filled once a month. That’s a luxury I did not want to give up. So instead I went and purchased supplies- the UV Light and Gel polish for beautiful nails done in the comfort of my own home.

Gas Prices.


January Gas Prices

The January 1 sign I posted about earlier. It was suggested that I do not crop into the image. Leave it zoomed out enough to see the trees, indicating the time of year. So here it is again zoomed out with the signs of the rest of the month.


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