Engelken Family Reunion 2011

Engelken Family Reunion 2011

The post featured image above was taken at Linus’ birthday in 2001.
engelken reunion 2011

Engelken Reunion 2011

The Engelken family gathered July 30, 2011 at lovely Gage Park in Topeka, KS for our first Engelken family reunion in the 27 years I have been married to an Engelken! What a large family, many memories were relived this wonderful afternoon. Our second gathering is scheduled for Saturday- August 31, 2013 in Seneca, KS.

Engelken Family 2011 images.

The Engelken Reunion 2011 gallery is a large file. If you would like to have the images, they are available to order for a small fee (for digital media and postage). Please fill out the form below.

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I will be taking candid images this year and will post the 2013 Engelken gallery here.
See you on the 31st!

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