A Short Engelken Wedding | Melvern KS

A Short Engelken Wedding!

paul and becky short

Paul & Becky Short

My niece married a delightful young man- Paul, over the Labor Day weekend. Usually this time of year is hot. The day was beautiful; could not have asked for a better day! The celebration took place at Melvern Lake.

Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Of the weddings I have had the pleasure to photograph, I appreciate the groom NOT messing up the bride when it’s time for the cake table event. This in my opinion is not very nice. However- this one time has been an exception to my personal rule. Paul did smash cake into Becky’s face; but not bad.

Cake Smashing

Cake smashing!

The crowd cheered for him to eat the cake. AND he did!

Eat Cake

Eat Cake

Here are a few more of my personal favorites from the wedding.

The Train

The Train

Typically when I photograph this pose, it’s the bridesmaids who straighten out the train. Well the “ladies” were no where to be found. So I asked the men to assist. I just had to snap the image!

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