Fall Leaves | November 2013

Fall Leaves

fall leaves

Fall Leaves

We have had such a beautiful fall this year. I carry my “g’ma camera” most every day with me. Being inside all day becomes rather stuffy. I enjoy getting into the car and driving just around the corner from work, getting away from the office for lunch. It was during this break that I took this portrait. Every day I pass these trees. How beautiful they are!

Here’s another image of a fallin tree.

Kevin went hunting with the guys this weekend. I was home alone Friday evening. While I was working in the office, I heard this loud bang sound. Like someone breaking down the front door loud sound. I was scared! After a bit of time, I thought it must have been the wind- it was blowing rather hard. Well the next morning I was packing the car up with camera equipment to go meet a client for their family session that I saw one of our pine trees knocked over. We have three pine trees in our yard that have died but still standing. Kevin mentioned he was going to be dragging them down to the pond. With the winds blowing, the loud sound I heard was this tree falling. We were lucky it never hit the side of the house!

falling tree

Falling Tree

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