Fireplace Picture Display

Hi, with Thanksgiving past and Christmas/New Year just around the corner and many pictures to follow; have you ever thought how you were going to display them? Or do you just leave them on your phone/camera?

Printing your images can sometimes be a bit overwhelming- how big to print and where to place them may be a few questions you have. I would like to provide inspiration! Here is one example for the living room- above a fireplace. It features two 11×14 wall prints, two 16×20 wall prints and one 10×10 wall print.

Fireplace Picture Display

Pick your favorite images. Don’t stress over this too much. Printing your own images is not as expensive as images taken professionally. And this allows more change outs for the holidays!

For this display, I wanted family images. The first 16×20 is of me and my husband. The next 16×20 is my daughters family. The two 11×14 images are group family pictures. And the 10×10 features four generations of the ladies in my family! After arranging this set of images, I would have liked placing a real close up of my granddaughter in the 10×10. But hey, like I said- printing the images myself is not too expensive to change out the images sooner rather than later.

fireplace picture display

Fireplace Picture Display

Don’t be shy enlarging your own images! Be sure to select matte print finish over glossy giving your images that professional edge. The printing lab you choose will also make a huge difference on the printed image. Mpix is the lab I recommend for your printing needs.

How do you display your images? I would enjoy hearing your ideas.

Best Wishes,

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