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project 365 week 1

Project 365 Week 1

It’s already been a challenge taking an image a day….

Early this week I posted the gasoline sign; which I will do every week throughout 2014. Sunday while I was working in my office my husband was in the kitchen doing dishes and rearranging the counter. It looks awesome. It was a picture moment! Taking this picture created many feelings. First I realized I never have taken a picture of my kitchen. We have lived in our house for 23 years. Then after taking the initial kitchen picture I focused on my canister set (upper middle image). I know the blue is very outdated, BUT I just love the blue! Secondly I have an image now of one of my winter past time- the Mr. Coffee on with hot water. In the original image I can see the red, on light button! We use the hot water for hot chocolate, hot apple cider and/or instant oatmeal. The pot is on most of the winter. Nothing is better (in winter) than sitting in front of the wood stove with a cup of hot chocolate!

Earlier in the week my tire sensor light kept coming on even after calibrating it. I made a service call for Honda to check the sensor. Over the phone they suggested I look at the recommended tire pressure amount. It’s located on the driver side just inside the door- not on the door but the vehicle itself. I never realized this information was even there. So for you folks who never knew, this is what it looks like on a Honda CR-V (upper right image).

It amazes me every day how I am reminded of our Good Lord and how he reaches out to us. I have experienced too many “miracles” before, during and after my cancer treatments to not believe. On this one day at one of my many jobs, a customer walks into the store. He offers me a brochure (bottom right image). Okay my eyes roll- Jehovah’s Witnesses. After he left, I actually skimmed through the information. It spoke of morale values. What’s wrong with this? Nothing in my opinion. The Ten Commandments are valued and followed by Christian beliefs. For one to promote honor and honesty, why should I “roll my eyes”. No, the Good Lord that day was telling me to keep an open mind and heart. I just had to take a picture of my reminder regardless of who had delivered it.

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