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june 2013 calendar

June 2013 Calendar

The calendar is one tool I have come to appreciate in my life. Whether it’s for doctor’s appointments, work scheduling or simply a reminder for even the littlest task- taking medicine; the calendar is for sure one thing I can not live without. It’s great for organization.

I would like to challenge you to start using this tool in your daily routine. Begin with your work schedule. Once you are writing down important dates and events, check with your calendar before committing to projects for others. This one step has been a real life saver for me- less stress.

So many options are available. Computers, smart phones and tablets each have calendars that sync with one another. The trusty paper version never fails when power becomes an issue. Be sure to print for backup!

What can you calendar?

-Meetings, trade shows, appointments, vacation, etc.
-National holidays
-Neighborhood events that impact traffic (in good and bad ways)
-Public communications or editorial (plan blog posts, newsletters and social media)
-Windows and merchandising
-Special events or birthdays
-Simple availability: Busy or not busy

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