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g’mas Stroller for a Walk in the Park.
gmas stroller

g’mas Stroller

I just love my g’ma stroller! The pretty pink was not planned. About a month ago while babysitting, Briella and I planned on going to the zoo. I needed a stroller- not really wanting to spend a whole lot of money. We went to one of my favorite stores- Wal-Mart. Most of the umbrella strollers were of cartoon characters. So not me or grandbaby! After digging and searching I found this pretty hot pink one. We were set to go to zoo and had a fun time too!

Well on a different trip to my favorite store- Wal-Mart, I was looking for a bag to carry overnight clothes and such for short overnight stays. Low and behold I found this pink bag in the clearance section- 7 bucks!

Okay- moving forward, just this weekend Briella and I went to garage sales. The pink bag was in the car and I needed it to carry a diaper, drink and snacks for Briella not to mention a place for my wallet and phone. The bag was uncomfortable for long lengths to carry on the shoulder. I happened to try slipping the rings on the stroller handle. The bag fit like a charm. This now will be my “official” equipment when Briella and I go on our outtings. She sure looks pretty in pink!

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