Grandma’s Exercise Plan

Hi, yes- you heard right. I am in the process of creating a simple grandma’s exercise plan. After accepting the customer service position at work, I am now sitting for 8 to 10 hours during the day. Needless to admit, but….. I have gained a few pounds. Sigh. In the past, I have had jobs that required moving and standing on my feet for most of the day. Throughout the years, dieting has never really worked for me. It was during my younger years that I tried an exercise routine that produced the best results. I was able to continue eating the same yet my waist was thinning and I felt great. My plan must be simple.

About grandma’s exercise plan.

Grandma’s exercise plan will consist of walking 30 minutes a day four days of the week at the Parks and Recreation Center not too far from where I work. Then one weekend day I will choose some place near my home to walk. We live on approx. 20 acres, so I could walk outside down to the pond or even drive up to the local school and walk the track. The third day will be my treat- to choose a different location. Did I mention the parks and rec exercise room is free? Well it is! Take a look at the center below.

The Outside

lawrence park and rec center

Park and Recreation Center

The rec center has a gym for basketball, pool tables, the weight room and a room you can reserve for meetings or parties. Okay now for the tour inside.

The Inside

recreation center tour

Recreation Center

Today I walked my first 30 minutes. What a great feeling it was after I finished. My thoughts were to make a post once a month letting you know of my progress. Be sure to check back to see the results!

Grandma’s Exercise Plan Objective

Be active! As I mentioned earlier, this has to be easy and simple to be successful. My goal is to be able to walk without huffing and puffing. And if by chance I lose weight, all the better!

Do you have an exercise plan that you follow? What exercises do you do to get and stay in shape?

Best Wishes,

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