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Hi, it’s amazing how quick this year has gone by. It’s fun to reminisce as I look through my journal 2015 book. This project was my New Year’s resolution project for 2015. One thing I enjoy about going to my parents home is going downstairs and looking through one of the many family photo albums. Since the digital camera revolution, I have not printed my pictures. Storing them on my computer or phone was and is my standard. I wanted to change that.

With this change, I knew my efforts would need to be simple- very simple. That’s why I chose the 8.5×11 size scrapbook. Printing could be done at home or I could email my file to Kinko’s (my local office printing supply store).

A copy of my 2015 journal is posted below. It can be viewed in full screen or just as it is. Click on the page corner to flip the page. I would enjoy hearing what you think of the journal- did it inspire you to start one for 2016?

The supplies needed for my journal printing project:

1. Post Bound Scrapbook Album and refill pages

Hobby Lobby is my favorite crafting store. I take advantage of the sales whenever possible. The scrapbooks I use are purchased when they are on sale for 40% or 50% off. The post bound style is my preference. The book looks full with 10 or 50 pages! A three ring binder could be used as well.

2. Archival Sheet Protectors from WalMart

3. Print
At home or use a printing service.
FedEx Kinko’s
Office Depot

A one-sided color copy is only 70 cents at my local FedEx Kinko’s. When I am ready to print, it’s as simple as emailing the file. I drive by this location on a daily basis which is very easy and convenient for print pick up. The key is to print as I go- send in my files each month; not waiting til the end of the year!

4. Software to create the pages.
Keep in mind I needed this to be as simple as it could be. For quick pages I use Microsoft Office Word. Another good alternative program is Microsoft Works.

The other program I use and have mentioned several other times throughout my blog is, Lumapix Fotofusion. The Enhanced version was designed for digital enthusiasts and scrapbookers.

5. Fonts
Ok- I know all computers come with fonts. However, different fonts can make your journal more fun and creative. Again I needed simple so I wanted a more personal touch- my own handwriting!
Get your own handwritten font!

Do you scrapbook journal? I would enjoy hearing how you preserve your memories.

Best Wishes,

Journal 2015 Year in Review

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