The Kansas River

The Kansas Bridge

The Kansas Bridge

Have you ever had a time when you just plain ol’ felt blah? I just had one of those days- several actually just this past week. It was Monday on my drive to work I realized I’ve been driving over the Kansas river for many years and actually never really noticed and looked at it. With the New Year holiday time off from work, I decided to take a photography walk New Year’s eve day.

The day was cold- real cold. I started on the Southwest side of the bridge. There is a dead end drive (never thought of getting that picture!) down to the river’s edge. Most of the images I took here, I was able to stay in the vehicle. I did get out to walk up to the edge. This was an experience. Two things I am afraid of are 1) heights and 2) falling into the river. Both fears were experienced during this walk. I’ve lived in Lawrence most of my life and never been down to that area. Wow, was it an adventure!

Next I drove to the Southeast side of the bridge. This was the backside of Spring Hill Suites. This area I have been to several times. But after coming from the Southwest side, it gave me a new perspective. Seagulls. I saw many of them. Funny, all the times I’ve gone to this very spot- I never saw them. Maybe they were there; I just never really noticed them. Here I was out in the cold for the viewing duration. When I got back to the vehicle, I sat for a while to warm up.

The last stop was on the North side of the river. The bridge sidewalk. I’ve seen bra’s hanging from the railing, people bicycling, and others walking across the bridge. I never gave it a second thought. Until New Year’s eve day. I was standing at the entrance, bracing myself to walk forward. Remember, I’m afraid of heights. Baby steps were taken and I made it a little less than half way. Took a few pictures. As I was taking them, a cyclist rode past. He got a chuckle. I had to share the walkway, moving me closer to the street edge. No way was I going to move to the railing!

Enough talk. Take a look at the gallery. Enjoy!

The Kansas River Gallery

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