Killdeer Nest of Eggs, Can You Find It?

Hi, can you find the Killdeer nest in the image below?

killdeer nest

EXP: 1/1000 sec; f/5.6; ISO 100

It was last weekend when I was with Kevin while feeding the cows that he asked me if I could see the Killdeer nest. As I was looking everywhere, Kevin just laughed. He said it’s out in plain site. I had to admit that I didn’t know what I was looking for- never seen a Killdeer nest before. Heck, I wasn’t sure what a Killdeer even looked like!

You might see the nest right off the dot. But when you are out in the open pasture the nest isn’t easy to see. This is down by the pond/cabin, Kevin marked the nest with two bigger rocks so he wouldn’t mow over them.


EXP: 1/640 sec; f/5.6; ISO 100

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