The Laundry Mat

Frank’s Corner Coin Laundry

It’s been a LONG time since I had to use a laundry mat. Well this past week I had a reminder. Let me tell you it was work! Not cheap either. With 3 tall baskets and one short it took most of the two rolls of quarters I brought. Luckily I could dry them at home.

Most every day I pass Frank’s Corner. It’s small and clean located just across the street from McDonald’s. The selection for different washer load sizes are available. I used two of the triple machines for towels and jeans. Two double machines for color clothes and ending with a single washer for the few whites I had with me.

It was after I loaded the machines that I thought of taking the images. You can see me in the reflection of the door taking the pic. After the clothes were washed and loaded up, I visited the McDonald’s drive thru for ice cream! No pic of that…..

franks corner coin laundry

Frank’s Corner Coin Laundry

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