Lesson Learned – Computer Crash

Hi, I certainly hope your Thanksgiving was a family fun filled time! It fills my heart when my husband and I can spend time with both of our kids and their families, my parents and our neighbors. This Thanksgiving we were thankful for such a gathering. We celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday the 26th. This was perfect- I was home from work on Thursday and Friday which allowed plenty of time to bake without being rushed.

My daughter and her family came over on Friday afternoon and stayed the night. I absolutely cherish that they want to do this and do it often! Brynlee is turning 1 this month. Just yesterday she was a newborn! Our plans were to take pictures. And we did. Once finished Erika asked how soon she could have copies of the pictures. I went to the office to download the files to the computer. Pushing the computer power button, nothing. I pushed it again. It started, whew. I proceeded to open the programs I use to download and edit images and the screen went blank. I tried to power up the computer and nothing. What? I ask myself. Calculating how long I’ve had the computer- close to 9 years. I suspected it was time to get a new computer. At least it was a great time of the year- Black Friday sales. It was certainly a hit to the pocket, but the real pain was remembering where I kept all the licenses for purchased programs over the past 9 years. The email receipts for the programs were on the crashed computer hard drive. I store all of my images onto an external hard drive and even save to CD disks as back up. Never even occurred to me to back up my email files. Lessen learned with this computer crash!

bryn-computer crash

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