Lunch Breaks: What do you do?

Work Day Lunch Breaks: What do you do?
lunch breaks

Lunch Breaks: What do you do?

I need to state that I bought a new lens (new to me) for my g’ma camera over the weekend from If you have not had the chance to check it out and LOVE garage sales, well all I can say- is one big online garage sale. It’a just about as fun as a second hand store!

On Monday during lunch I pulled out the camera with the new lens. Set the white balance and snapped the plant setting on the ledge above my work area. On my way out to the car it was raining; hence the leaf image. My lunch break is 30 minutes. Drove to Mikkie D’s for the dollar menu- hamburger catchup, pickles only with a large tea.

Today I stayed at the office. Took a Smart One dinner- forgot to grab that image…..
I read the instruction manual (with Edward) for the Sony Nex 5N. One of the best tips I can give for taking photographs, read the instruction manual. This may sound too easy, but it’s true. The best photographer can pick up a new camera and miss the best shot because he/she was too slow in snapping the lens. Figuring out what button to set f-stop, ISO and focusing can be distracting. Practice with the camera. When you can’t figure out how to make the appropriate changes, refer to the manual. If you have to download your manual from the internet, save the file to your computer and print a copy. Use highligters, make notes- write in the manual for future quick reference.

As you can see, my lunches are not that eventful. What do you do?

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