Oh My Dear!

oh my dear

Oh My Dear!

Hi, my dear was on his way to work when a young deer crossed his path. It wasn’t the deer’s day. I’m being silly I know, but rutting season is just around the corner. As you can see, my husband had a bad start to his day. After taking the images I was thinking of ways to avoid hitting a deer.

1. Pay attention to the deer marked crossing signs on the side of the road.
2. Slow down when you are in areas known for deer. Deer run in groups, so when you see one there’s usually another one or two near by.
3. Be cautious of the time of year and time of day. October – January is rutting season and the deer are on the move.
4. If you do see a deer, honk your horn. One long blast can scare the deer out of the road.
5. Should hitting a deer be unavoidable, don’t swerve. Apply your brakes and stay in your lane.

My hometown is approx. 20 miles north of Lawrence. I drive to Lawrence 5 or 6 times a week. Kansas City is where my husband drives 5 days of the week. Between the two of us, we are on the road lots! Our track record is for each car we own they will get hit at least once by a deer. I just can’t hit one in my new car! Well I’ve had it two years now- still new to me.

Be careful and be cautious when you see the deer crossing signs.

Best Wishes,

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