Pills, Pills, Pills

The Pills, the pills, the pills- Oh My!

When I was going through my chemo treatments (R-CHOP) it was quite the ordeal. What an under statement. I was very lucky. My whole family gave me the support I needed to pull through this disease. Chemo Brain– you have probably heard this phrase? If not, think of it like Brain Farts. Lucky me, I experienced the chemo brain during and after my treatments.

I received 6 rounds of R-CHOP. Once every 21 days (much like a menstrual cycle) I went in for the R portion to return the second day for the CHOP portion. Approx the 10th day after treatment, I was tired and sad and cried. Then in approx 10 days from my low point I had the pleasure of repeating the cycle with my chemo treatment. Now- everyday, I had this humongous amount of pills I had to take throughout the day. There was so many, I had to have the calendar the nurse made me to coordinate the time for each pill. Each pill had it’s own highlighted color on the calendar and my bottles of pill were highlighted to match the calendar. There was no way I could have remembered when and what pills to take without this color coded calendar- chemo brain. I was so sick of taking pills!

It is with great pleasure to say my doctors consider me to be “cured”- AMEN. I will be celebrating my 10 anniversary January 2014!

In the past several months I have been introduced to an amazing new technological device. This would have been a much appreciated item to have used during my cancer treatment. You ask what it is? A nifty pillbox. But not just any pillbox. The pillbox I am speaking of is one that blinks when it’s time to take it. If you miss the blink, it beeps. If you miss the beep, it can call you. Yeah, it’s nifty. A very handy tool.


Nifty Pillbox

Photography tip: When taking a picture of your subject; first take the shot the way you think you should take it. Then take another a different way. Doesn’t matter how you take it differently. It’s fun to see an object in a different way than you actually experience seeing it. The top image above is how I actually saw the pillbox. Then I bent down and took an angle image of the pillbox.

If you are interested in the pillbox shown, visit the website Medminder.com

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