Pretty in a Blue Dress | Lake Shawnee, Topeka KS

Pretty in a Blue Dress.

One day last month Erika, Shaune and I went to Sam’s Club. We were shopping for household items. As we were browsing the isles, I noticed clothing for children. Of course I just had to take a peek. It was then that I spotted this blue dress. Erika said they really had no where to wear a dress like this one at the time. Well- Grandma said, “We’ll take pictures in it and then she can wear it whenever.” Little girls look so adorable in cute dresses!

Briella with her red hair looks really good in blue, green and purple. I knew her pictures would turn out wonderful. It was a matter of getting her to sit still long enough to snap the lens!

Lake Shawnee is beautiful. I immediately thought of this location for Brie’s photo session. Notice the chair. This was the chair I purchased for my children. Erika sat in this chair at the same age! Not only does this show the passing of time, but the chair kept Briella still for a few poses.

The gallery is available on the family page.

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