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Meet Merle!

Hi, after moving into our home my husband was ready to add to the family. Meet Merle! Merle is a beautiful Blue Heeler. By far Merle is my favorite pet ever in my adult life. We have had many dogs over our married life- Kevin is a hunter; hunting dogs and yard dogs. It’s Merle…

Oh My Dear!

Hi, my dear was on his way to work when a young deer crossed his path. It wasn’t the deer’s day. I’m being silly I know, but rutting season is just around the corner. As you can see, my husband had a bad start to his day. After taking the images I was thinking of…

Cattle Round Up!

Just the other day my husband, Kevin said- “I would like to retire when I’m 55”. These past couple of years Kevin has increased the herd size of his ladies (this is what he calls his cows- LOL). So this means Kevin will not be retiring, just working closer to home! A couple of weeks…

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