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Christmas Dance Program and Dinner

Hi, I’m catching up from a busy December. Wanted to share with you my grand-daughters Christmas dance program. My daughter had sent a text about Briella’s dance program about a week in advance. The night before, I made sure the camera batteries were charged and then packed camera and batteries into my purse. The day…

Fireplace Picture Display

Hi, with Thanksgiving past and Christmas/New Year just around the corner and many pictures to follow; have you ever thought how you were going to display them? Or do you just leave them on your phone/camera? Printing your images can sometimes be a bit overwhelming- how big to print and where to place them may…

Hobby Lobby Window Shopping

October, November and December are my most favorite time of the year! And my most busy. I have been photographing families, children and most recently for my employer- products for a catalog. These have taken time away from my blog. I would like to share one of my favorite memories from the past month- window…

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