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Pretty in a Blue Dress | Lake Shawnee, Topeka KS

Pretty in a Blue Dress. One day last month Erika, Shaune and I went to Sam’s Club. We were shopping for household items. As we were browsing the isles, I noticed clothing for children. Of course I just had to take a peek. It was then that I spotted this blue dress. Erika said they…

Tote Bags | I Just Love Tote Bags!

Tote Bags- I just love tote bags! Yes, I am a grandmother! Actually I have found bags can really help with time management and organization. My collection is growing. Each tote has a different purpose. My pink tote in aprevious post is for carrying items associated with my granddaughter when we go out on our…

A Fan of Different Colors

My office was once my son’s bedroom. This room is not a large one; just 9′ by 12′ not including the closet. It’s rather quaint. Many times and hours I have spent here. It was just the other night I was lying in the middle of the floor waiting for an image gallery to upload…

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