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A Snowy Day

A Snowy Day. Hi, it’s March and snowing! Last week it was spring, 70 and sunny. Not this weekend, 28 and snowy. A good day to stay in, making meatloaf and homemade oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips. My kind of day. Kevin just put up the Martin bird house last week during our 70 degree…

Grandpa’s Burger Box

Best burger this side of the kaw! Hi there! The first time I drove past this little pop diner I laughed. Never giving a thought of trying it out. Well it was Kevin who took me there one Saturday for lunch. It was on a day we were working on the house and Kevin said…

Waffle House Date

Hi, I just had another fun date with hubby……. Waffle House Kevin wakes up each morning early. Sunday’s are no different. This Sunday he had to run by his work to lay blankets over concrete just poured the day before. As usual Kevin came in the room to kiss me goodbye. I asked if I…

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