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The Wishing Bench Now 2017

The Wishing Bench Now 2017 Hi, it was during my lunch break last week I decided to take a short drive. It’s nice getting away from work, see different things especially on a beautiful sunny day. My drive took me to the East Lawrence area. At 9th and Delaware is the Wishing Bench, a place…

Model Call Models 2017

Hi, the Model Call 2017 was a success. Each of the models did a wonderful job! Here are just a few quick peeks from their sessions. You can view slideshows of their images just by clicking the model’s name below. The Wilson Kids Megan and Friends Brian and Becky Isa and Carlos Family Sam Claire…

Treasures Found While Recycling | Mushrooms

Treasures Found Hi, it’s amazing at how the smallest thing can bring so much happiness. I have started recycling; mainly aluminum cans and plastic milk jugs. Just before grocery shopping I dropped off several bags of cans. Nothing unusual about that. What was fun was the surprise I found once I opened the cover to…

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