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Happy New Year – 2017!

Hi and a happy New Year to you! I wanted to start the new year out with a huge bang. Be sure to grab your first 2017 download for the year by clicking the calendar below. This month is the complete 2017 monthly calendar- a very basic calendar you can print and write down your…

Lesson Learned – Computer Crash

Hi, I certainly hope your Thanksgiving was a family fun filled time! It fills my heart when my husband and I can spend time with both of our kids and their families, my parents and our neighbors. This Thanksgiving we were thankful for such a gathering. We celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday the 26th. This was…

Kitchen Cabinet Liner

Hi! While I’ve been silent (no internet and moving) I have been busy. Moving 25+ years of stuff takes time. Luckily Kevin and I can take our time in doing so. Getting the kitchen started was on my list of first. After wiping down the cabinets and counter tops with hot soapy water I removed…

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