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Model Call Models 2017

Hi, the Model Call 2017 was a success. Each of the models did a wonderful job! Here are just a few quick peeks from their sessions. You can view slideshows of their images just by clicking the model’s name below. The Wilson Kids Megan and Friends Brian and Becky Isa and Carlos Family Sam Claire…

Freeze | How to Take Sharp Action Pictures

SHARP ACTION PICTURES Hi, taking pictures is what I do. Sometimes I just need to play; to remember why I love photography so much. Have you ever wondered how to take sharp action pictures? Here are the simple sure steps to freeze a picture while shooting in manual mode. FOCUS MODE: AF-C Select AF-C that…

Be My Valentine

Hi, I just felt like a kid once again. It’s been awhile (actually my first time) since I have made Valentine’s Day cards to pass out to my friendly co-workers. I am feeling happy! Do you remember back in grade school the fun and anticipation when you made your Valentine’s box? How much fun it…

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