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Typical Basic Edits

Hi, have you ever wondered why the pictures you take are not as vivid or bright as other photographer’s images? Simple basic edits can make a tremendous difference. Typical Basic Edits Many people when starting photography get very lost when it comes to editing. When looking at a picture you just took on a nice…

Editing | Photography

Hi, I just LOVE photography! As previously stated, images here on gmasDiary are not fully edited. They will resemble the middle image above. Levels and color adjustments is just about all that I do to the pictures. The collage illustrates one image at the three editing stages used for my personal and professional pictures. My…

Creating a Custom Photoshop Brush

Have you ever wanted to create your own Photoshop brush? I have many shapes that I like, but find it much easier to use the brush tool. I have converted some of my favorite shapes and even designed a few originals of my own. If you use particular word groupings, these can be made into…

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