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The Wishing Bench Now 2017

The Wishing Bench Now 2017 Hi, it was during my lunch break last week I decided to take a short drive. It’s nice getting away from work, see different things especially on a beautiful sunny day. My drive took me to the East Lawrence area. At 9th and Delaware is the Wishing Bench, a place…

Old Barn

An Old Barn. Hi, I am cheating a bit. Supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post- however, I was just so excited with these pictures of old farm buildings. Every day I drive by these and always say to myself, “I want to take pictures of this place.” Well last night was the night. The…

Grandma and Grandpa Celebrating Briella’s Fifth Birthday!

Briella’s Fifth Birthday Hi, this gma and gpa had the time of our life with Briella. We had made prior arrangements to spend this past weekend together. It was fun filled- late night Friday, early morning breakfast and Moon Marble. Friday evening was low key, just hanging out at the house visiting. Saturday began with…

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