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Homemade Weed Killer Grandma’s Weed Control

Hi, they say April showers bring May flowers. Right now I need weed control! Kevin uses Roundup. But with all of his chores, he doesn’t spray as much as I would like. It was Easter weekend, my dad was telling us of the homemade weed killer he tried and said worked. So this is what…

Hot Tub or the Pool?

Hi, I hope all is well with you. My husband and I have been busy these past several months. Working on the yard and cleaning a pool. Everyone has told me that pools needed cleaning each day. What a true statement! We bought this wonderful old farm house. Kevin and I would never have dreamed…

What is a Dwarf Banana Tree?

A Dwarf Banana Tree Dwarf banana trees are expected to grow between 4 and 8 feet tall. They are easy to grow. It’s considered to be either an indoor or outdoor plant. The ideal temperature for the dwarf banana tree is 55 degrees and warmer. I have my son to thank for this plant. The…

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