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The Wishing Bench Now 2017

The Wishing Bench Now 2017 Hi, it was during my lunch break last week I decided to take a short drive. It’s nice getting away from work, see different things especially on a beautiful sunny day. My drive took me to the East Lawrence area. At 9th and Delaware is the Wishing Bench, a place…

How to Take Better Pictures

I just love a brick sidewalk! Hi, just the other day I had a co-worker ask me how I took such good pictures. What a wonderful compliment and it made me feel great. I believe there are two simple things one can do to take better pictures with any camera. Sure, those fancy big cameras…

Christmas Dance Program and Dinner

Hi, I’m catching up from a busy December. Wanted to share with you my grand-daughters Christmas dance program. My daughter had sent a text about Briella’s dance program about a week in advance. The night before, I made sure the camera batteries were charged and then packed camera and batteries into my purse. The day…

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