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2016 Calendar

Hi, the New Year is just around the corner. Grab your free 2016 calendar! 2016 Calendar Download the new year calendar here. For Year, Multi-Month, Multi-Week, Week, Week Planner or Day version- simply use the contact form stating the style you wish. I will provide the download link. Please allow 12 to 24 hours for…

Journal 2015

Hi, it’s amazing how quick this year has gone by. It’s fun to reminisce as I look through my journal 2015 book. This project was my New Year’s resolution project for 2015. One thing I enjoy about going to my parents home is going downstairs and looking through one of the many family photo albums….

Calendar – Sept 2015 Just 16 Friday’s til Christmas!

It’s never too late to think about Christmas! Yes, you heard right. Summer is still in full swing. Vacations were great and now you’re working on saving your images to a photo album. The first day of autumn is September 23, 2015. Autumn is a beautiful time of year for family pictures. Check your calendar…

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