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Killdeer Nest of Eggs, Can You Find It?

Hi, can you find the Killdeer nest in the image below? It was last weekend when I was with Kevin while feeding the cows that he asked me if I could see the Killdeer nest. As I was looking everywhere, Kevin just laughed. He said it’s out in plain site. I had to admit that…

Taraxacum | Dandelion

EXP: 1/320 sec; f/8; ISO 100 Taraxacum more commonly known as the Dandelion

Old Barn

An Old Barn. Hi, I am cheating a bit. Supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post- however, I was just so excited with these pictures of old farm buildings. Every day I drive by these and always say to myself, “I want to take pictures of this place.” Well last night was the night. The…

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