Thankful for Safe Lazy Days

Hi, I am so thankful for safe lazy days! The past couple of weekends I have spent mostly at home not chancing my driving skills on the icy roads. I must admit, I did quite a bit of surfing- internet surfing that is!

One of my personal favorite speaker is Joel Osteen. His program this week covered- Feed your Destiny episode 714. Joel spoke of the importance to be a part of positive. This really hit home for me. I usually miss his TV program but am thankful for his webpage. Should you ever need uplifting, I recommend listening to one of Joel’s broadcast.

During my surfing, I found another inspirational webpage- Have you ever been in just a blah mood- not feeling good and not feeling bad? Well on this lazy filled day I was just that. Literally stumbled upon Kristi’s webpage and it’s now bookmarked as one of my favorites. Mind you that I had just listened to Joel stating that one should be with positive, encouraging people. Kristi lifted my spirits up with her simple Ten Things of Thankful. So I had to think of what I was thankful for these past couple of weekends.


First and foremost I am thankful for my husband who makes sure we have plenty of firewood to keep this stove burning; keeping the house warm!

Second for the moisture we are receiving- may our summer be drought free.

Third, for the road crews who keep the roads safe to travel.

And next, for Merle who keeps me company on these lazy days.


What are you thankful for? I would enjoy hearing them.

Take care.

Best Wishes,

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