The Damn Dodge

Hi, here is the damn dodge as my husband calls it. I have to remind him fondly that this damn dodge has 250+ thousands miles on it (really- even with the original transmission) and it still keeps on going! Until just a few weeks ago.

It was the Tuesday before New Years Day, Kevin drove the dodge to work. His Chevy diesel was in the shop getting some new fuel injectors. Well that late afternoon I received a text saying I would need to pick him up from work that night. The brake line on the dodge broke and by the time he got to work, no brakes. Kevin works in Kansas City. Not the best part of KC! As you can see in the image above the car blends in with the scenery.

Okay- Kevin has always call my car the damn Dodge. Simply because he just doesn’t like Dodge. Well as he was working on the brake line, he really let his frustrations go. He was cursing and muttering something about Dodge not having the standard size brake lines. I’m not even going to try and explain all the reasons Kevin was complaining about the Dodge! I can say several years ago when I needed a new battery, it was not an easy process to put the new one in. The front driver tire had to be removed and while the car was up on a lift the battery was inserted from the bottom of vehicle. Once the battery was in place, the tire was put back on and car was set to the ground.

The Dodge is our backup vehicle. The one vehicle we use if either of our regular vehicles are in the shop. Prior to Kevin’s Chevy needing new injectors, I drove the Dodge after hitting a deer in my Honda. It’s been a good car and the price was right when I bought it. Good car.

Now notice the location where the car is parked. This is right outside the building where Kevin’s been working. Construction in KC, downtown KC. The jobsite was broke into on two different occasions. All the tools and equipment must be chained and locked even though they are inside a locked building. Images in the gallery below will show the chained lock boxes.

It was the first day of 2017 (a cold morning 23 degrees) and after going to three different auto parts stores, we were able to get a short piece of line so Kevin could limp the car home.

Do you have that one thing you are so fond of but someone in your family just doesn’t like it?

Here’s wishing you a safe and fun new year!


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