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With the new year just around the corner, I have been giving thought to my new year’s resolution. Not going to do the weight loss. I’ve tried this in the past. I enjoy my food way too much. Two different ideas came to mind: reading the Bible; printing the images I take.

Knowing my personality, these will need to be very simple. I have the book, “God’s Little Devotional BIBLE”. There is a reading for each day of the week- all 7 of them! The entire Bible is arranged in 365 daily readings with devotions. Looking through the book each reading is 3 to 4 pages. At bedtime I will read the daily reading. Seems simple….

Next is doing better with printing the images I take throughout 2014. I have gotten pretty lax when it comes to taking images of my family. Photography used to be second nature for me. My camera went everywhere I went. After starting my photography business in 2004, I eventually began to leave the camera at the office when I wasn’t on assignment. What was once a big part of me; I was now separating it from my very essence.

For my 2014 photography assignment my goal will be to create one journal entry each week. This has to be simple as I stated previously. The software I will be using is Lumapix:Fotofuson. I use the extreme version. It allows multiple pages to be added to a project. Should you like to create a similar project of your own, this concept could be done using MicroSoft Word or MicroSoft Works.

Here is my first photo journal entry for 2014-even though it’s December 30, 2013.

pandora gift

Pandora Gift

I like using my own handwriting font for the journal portion. There is a free online service if you would like to create your own handwriting font. Just click this link.

Each page will be printed on premium white paper and added to a three ring notebook. Each page will be inserted into an archival sheet protector. The digital version will be saved to a backup file for save keeping.

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